The Prog-Rock Diner

The Prog-Rock Diner Playlist 07.02.12

Time / Duration / Artist / Song / Album / Label:

05:02PM-05:05PM (3:03) Aranis “Keria” from Songs from Mirage (2009) on
05:05PM-05:12PM (7:31) Aranis “Out Ama” from Songs from Mirage (2009) on
05:12PM-05:23PM (10:22) Van Der Graaf Generator “Man-Erg” from Pawn Hearts (1971) on Virgin UK
05:23PM-05:27PM (3:53) Van Der Graaf Generator “Interference Patterns” from Trisector (2008) on Virgin UK
05:30PM-05:37PM (7:27) A Helmet of Gnats “Happy Camper” from A Helmet of Gnats (1996) on A Helmet Of Gnats
05:37PM-05:43PM (6:09) Helmet Of Gnats “Misfit Toys” from Helmet Of Gnats (2004) on Helmet Of Gnats
05:43PM-05:54PM (10:49) Anglagard “Skogsranden” from Epilog (1994) on Anglagard
05:54PM-05:57PM (3:01) Renaissance “Cold Is Being” from Turn of the Cards (1974) on CIA
06:02PM-06:13PM (10:53) Renaissance “Trip To The Fair” from Scheherazade and Other Stories (Remastered) (2012) on Repertoire Records
06:13PM-06:26PM (12:58) Gosta Berlings Saga “ISLAND” from Glue Works (2011) on Cuneiform
06:27PM-06:42PM (15:15) Mike Keneally Band “This Tastes Like a Hotel” from Dog (2004) on Exowax
06:42PM-06:47PM (4:22) U. K. “ALASKA” from U.K. (1978) on E'G
06:49PM-06:57PM (8:34) Pinnacle “The Deepest Sea” from Meld (2006) on Everything To Excess