The Prog-Rock Diner

The Prog-Rock Diner Playlist 06.30.13

Time / Duration / Artist / Song / Album / Label:

05:02PM-05:14PM (12:39) Conduit “Blue Signal” from Conduit 43: The Signal And The Noise (2013) on Conduit — Independent - unreleased
05:15PM-05:26PM (10:42) TROC “Stick Time” from TROC (1972) on CY
05:26PM-05:31PM (5:45) Axiomatic “The Birds of My Senses” from The Birds Of My Senses (2013) on MUSOMUSIC
05:32PM-05:39PM (6:21) Miriodor “Forêt Dense” from Parade + Live At Nearfest (2005) on Cuneiform Records
05:39PM-05:44PM (5:46) Tiemko “PARADE” from PARADE (1992) on Musea
05:44PM-05:49PM (4:22) Happy the Man “Stumpy Meets The Firecracker In Stencil Forest” from Happy The Man (1999) on One Way
05:51PM-05:54PM (2:36) Triumvirat “The Sweetest Sound Of Liberty” from SPARTACUS (2002) on EMI Germany
05:54PM-05:58PM (3:46) Salem Hill “There's Always Canada” from Salem Hill II (1993) on Salem Hill
06:02PM-06:12PM (9:57) Miles Davis “Red” from Aura (1989) on CBS
06:12PM-06:18PM (6:16) King Crimson “Red” from Red (1974) on EG Records
06:18PM-06:24PM (6:07) Miles Davis “White” from Aura (1989) on CBS
06:24PM-06:28PM (4:14) Mahogany Frog “Sanchez Says, ...And Soon the Aces Will Ensue.” from Mahogany Frog On Blue (2005) on Mafroganyhog
06:30PM-06:37PM (6:38) Miles Davis “Blue” from Aura (1989) on CBS
06:37PM-06:43PM (6:06) +1 “Blizzard Of Lies” from Soul Revolution/Teenage Battle Hymns (2011) on Precognitive
06:43PM-06:52PM (9:22) Kansas “Song for America” from Device, Voice, Drum - Live (2003) on SPV Recordings
06:52PM-06:57PM (5:02) Styx “MISS AMERICA” from The Grand Illusion (1977) on A&M
06:57PM-06:59PM (1:41) Merrell Fankhauser “The Star Spangled Banner” from Rockin And Surfin Vol 4 (2010) on Ocean