The Prog-Rock Diner

The Prog-Rock Diner Playlist 07.23.12

Time / Duration / Artist / Song / Album / Label:

05:02PM-05:19PM (16:57) Refugee “Grand Canyon Suite” from Refugee (2006) on Time Wave
05:19PM-05:29PM (10:26) Starcastle “Fountains” from Chronos I (2001) on Sunsinger
05:30PM-05:37PM (6:23) Rausch “Survival Instincts” from Rausch (2009) on RAUSCH
05:37PM-05:39PM (2:47) Spirit “Soldier” from The Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus (1991) on Epic CBS
05:39PM-05:46PM (6:52) Strawbs “The Life Auction” from Ghosts (1974) on A&M
05:46PM-05:57PM (11:03) Karcius “Hypothèse B” from KALEIDOSCOPE (2006) on Unicorn
06:02PM-06:06PM (3:35) Ekseption “Suite for Orchestra No. 2-8: Peace Planet - Bademerie” from The 5th (1998) on Polymedia
06:06PM-06:10PM (3:53) Ekseption “ADAGIO” from The 5th (1998) on Polymedia
06:10PM-06:16PM (6:50) GENESIS “Visions of Angels” from Trespass (2008) on Virgin UK
06:16PM-06:28PM (11:44) GENESIS “The Battle of Epping Forest (New Stereo Mix)” from Selling England By the Pound (2008) on Virgin UK
06:29PM-06:34PM (5:02) Camel “Air Born” from Moonmadness (2002) on Decca Music Group Ltd.
06:34PM-06:42PM (7:45) Clearlight “Without Words (Mellotron Remix)” from Forever Blowing Bubbles (2011) on Clearlight Music
06:42PM-06:48PM (6:17) Mack Maloney “Silent Running” from Sky Club (2010) on Voiceprint
06:48PM-06:54PM (5:45) The Moody Blues “Melancholy Man” from A Question of Balance (2005) on Decca - Pop
06:54PM-06:57PM (3:29) The Moody Blues “The Balance” from A Question of Balance (2005) on Decca - Pop