The Prog-Rock Diner

The Prog-Rock Diner Playlist 10.08.12

Time / Duration / Artist / Song / Album / Label:

05:01PM-05:18PM (16:16) Transatlantic “My New World” from SMPT:e (2000) on Radiant Records
05:18PM-05:23PM (5:12) Hawkwind “Black Elk Speaks” from Space Bandits (2010) on Cherry Red Records
05:23PM-05:28PM (5:25) Hawkwind “WINGS” from Space Bandits (2010) on Cherry Red Records
05:30PM-05:38PM (8:41) Wappa Gappa “Souk” from Gappa (2004) on Musea
05:38PM-05:43PM (4:41) ZAAR “Scherzo # C” from ZAAR (2006) on Cuneiform
05:43PM-05:52PM (8:26) King Crimson “The Sheltering Sky” from Discipline (1981) on EG
05:53PM-05:58PM (4:31) Jimmy Robinson “Vibrating Strings” from Vibrating Strings (2008) on Jimmy Robinson
06:02PM-06:07PM (5:57) Paul Sears “untitled” from n/a on Paul Sears — unreleased mystery contest tune
06:07PM-06:16PM (8:25) TEE “L'Oiseau Bleu (Trans Europ Express)” from The Earth Explorer (2009) on Musea
06:16PM-06:27PM (10:51) Wappa Gappa “The Golden Apples of the Sun” from Gappa (2004) on Musea
06:30PM-06:40PM (10:35) Radio Massacre International “The Silk Purse of Orion” from Lost In Transit (2010) on Radio Massacre International
06:40PM-06:49PM (9:10) Egg “Enneagram” from The Civil Surface (1989) on VIRGIN
06:52PM-06:58PM (5:45) Transatlantic “We All Need Some Light” from SMPT:e (2000) on Radiant Records