The Prog-Rock Diner

The Prog-Rock Diner Playlist 10.15.12

Time / Duration / Artist / Song / Album / Label:

05:01PM-05:24PM (23:00) Alusa Fallax “Facciata A” from Intorno alla mia cattiva educazione (1974) on Fonit Cetra WMI
05:24PM-05:30PM (5:38) Armonite “L'insetto” from Inuit (2001) on Mellow Records
05:31PM-05:42PM (11:54) Barclay James Harvest “Medicine Man” from Gone to Earth (2003) on Polydor Ltd.
05:42PM-05:51PM (8:41) Tomas Bodin “The Hero from Cloud City” from Sonic Boulevard (2003) on Century Media Records Ltd
05:52PM-05:58PM (5:12) Canvas “SPiDERS” from Digital Pigeon (2007) on Canvas Productions
06:02PM-06:11PM (8:58) The Dark Aether Project “Embers” from The Gentle Art of Firewalking (2002) on Dark Aether Project
06:11PM-06:20PM (9:41) Emerson, Lake & Palmer “FanFare for the Common Man” from Works, Vol. 1 (1977) on Atlantic Records
06:20PM-06:24PM (3:42) Glass “The Hidden Room” from Illuminations (2005) on Musea
06:24PM-06:29PM (5:10) Glass “Crossing” from Illuminations (2005) on Musea
06:31PM-06:38PM (7:01) Hidria Spacefolk “Astroban” from Balansia (2005) on 9pm
06:38PM-06:47PM (9:19) Kromlech “La Encomienda” from La Soledad de las Sombras (1998) on Kromlech
06:47PM-06:50PM (2:32) Kromlech “Primera Travesia” from La Soledad de las Sombras (1998) on Kromlech
06:52PM-06:58PM (5:51) IQ “Red Dust Shadow” from Dark Matter on Giant Electric Pea