The Prog-Rock Diner

The Prog-Rock Diner Playlist 11.12.12

Time / Duration / Artist / Song / Album / Label:

05:02PM-05:08PM (5:17) Kayak “Mouldy Wood” from See See The Sun (1995) on Pseudonym
05:08PM-05:20PM (12:42) Uriah Heep “Paradise / The Spell” from Demons and Wizards (1972) on INACTIVE
05:20PM-05:30PM (9:21) Flash “Small Beginnings” from Flash (feat. Peter Banks & Tony Kaye) (2009) on Purple Pyramid Records
05:30PM-05:31PM (1:41) Merrell Fankhauser “The Star Spangled Banner” from Rockin And Surfin Vol 4 (2010) on Ocean
05:31PM-05:37PM (5:49) Fluttr Effect “Hollywood Is Porn (I)” from Marking Time (2009) on 10t Records
05:37PM-05:43PM (6:05) Fluttr Effect “Hollywood Is Porn (II)” from Marking Time (2009) on 10t Records
05:43PM-05:48PM (4:27) Henry Kaiser, Paul Sears, Chris Biondo & Billy Swann “Veteran's Day Popper” from unreleased on Henry Kaiser et al — Live at DC Space - 1980
05:48PM-05:57PM (9:07) Tunnels “Frank's Beard” from Progressivity (2002) on Buckyball Music, Inc.
06:02PM-06:12PM (10:04) The Underground Railroad “The Doorman” from Through And Through (2000) on The Laser's Edge
06:12PM-06:18PM (6:12) Porcupine Tree “Jupiter Island” from On the Sunday of Life... (2007) on Kscope
06:18PM-06:21PM (2:48) Porcupine Tree “Third Eye Surfer” from On the Sunday of Life... (2007) on Kscope
06:21PM-06:31PM (10:39) Kimara Sajn +1 “LIFE STORY” from Life Stories (2010) on Ad Hoc Records
06:31PM-06:42PM (11:21) Von Frickle “Wreck of the Hallucinato Descent Into The Deep” from The 40 Fingers of Doctor V (2007) on Beyond Weird Music
06:42PM-06:45PM (2:59) Bubblemath “Dancing With Your Pants Down” from Such Fine Particles of the Universe (2002) on Sounds Reasonable
06:45PM-06:54PM (9:13) Universal Totem Orchestra “Meccanica superiore” from Rituale alieno (2010) on Black Widow Records
06:54PM-06:57PM (3:08) Manfred Mann's Earth Band “COUNTDOWN” from Nightingales & Bombers (1975) on Rhino/Warner Bros.