The Prog-Rock Diner

The Prog-Rock Diner Playlist 11.19.12

Time / Duration / Artist / Song / Album / Label:

05:02PM-05:16PM (14:40) Eloy “The Light from Deep Darkness” from Floating (Remastered) (2000) on EMI Germany
05:16PM-05:30PM (13:09) Tangerine Dream “Bent Cold Sidewalk” from Cyclone (Remastered) (1995) on Virgin UK
05:30PM-05:50PM (19:44) The Spacious Mind “Interplanetarian Love Machine Pt. III - the Final Solution” from The Mind of a Brother (1999) on Cherry Red Records
05:50PM-05:58PM (8:28) Eloy “UP AND DOWN” from Inside (Remastered) (2000) on EMI Germany
06:02PM-06:03PM (1:40) Gentle Giant “Acquiring The Taste” from Acquiring the Taste (1971) on Mercury Records Limited
06:03PM-06:07PM (4:05) Hasse Bruniusson “Pot On The Head & Oranges Under The Arms” from Flying Food Circus (2002) on Burlesco Records
06:07PM-06:10PM (2:54) Kevin Ayers “Eleanor's Cake (Which Ate Her)” from Joy of a Toy (2003) on EMI UK
06:10PM-06:15PM (4:26) Faun Fables “A Table Forgotten” from A Table Forgotten (2008) on Drag City Inc.
06:15PM-06:25PM (9:55) Djam Karet “GOING HOME” from New Dark Age (2001) on Cuneiform Records
06:25PM-06:28PM (3:45) Family “Strange Band” from Anyway (2007) on Mystic Records
06:30PM-06:36PM (5:53) Acqua Fragile “Coffee Song” from Mass-Media Stars (2011) on Purple Pyramid Records
06:36PM-06:42PM (6:22) Azigza “FRIENDS” from Azigza (2000) on Azigza
06:42PM-06:52PM (9:06) Tomas Bodin “In the Land of the Pumpkins” from An Ordinary Night... (1999) on Century Media Records Ltd
06:53PM-06:58PM (4:15) Focus “Hurkey Turkey” from Focus 8 (2006) on Red Bullet Productions