The Prog-Rock Diner

The Prog-Rock Diner Playlist 11.26.12

Time / Duration / Artist / Song / Album / Label:

05:01PM-05:24PM (23:00) GENESIS “Supper's Ready (New Stereo Mix)” from Foxtrot (2008) on Virgin UK
05:24PM-05:29PM (5:11) Gong “Ooby-Scooby Doomsday or The D-Day DJ's Got the D.D.T. Blues” from Angel's Egg (2004) on Virgin UK
05:31PM-05:44PM (12:58) Gosta Berlings Saga “ISLAND” from Glue Works (2011) on Cuneiform
05:44PM-05:51PM (7:11) Cyrille Verdeaux “OVERTURE” from Messenger of the Son (2010) on Catero records
05:51PM-05:58PM (7:01) Cyrille Verdeaux “Spirale d'amour” from Clearlight Visions (1978) on Clearlight888music
05:58PM-06:03PM (5:00) Cyrille Verdeaux “Vibrato” from Messenger of the Son (2010) on Catero records
06:03PM-06:12PM (8:52) Clearlight “3ème mouvement” from Symphony II (2011) on Clearlight Music
06:12PM-06:18PM (5:52) Cyrille Verdeaux “Elf Dance” from Solar Transfusion (2004) on Clearlight888music
06:18PM-06:23PM (5:06) Cyrille Verdeaux “Remember Jonathan” from Piano for the Third Ear (2003) on Clearlight888music — AKA Jonathan The Seagull
06:24PM-06:29PM (5:00) Cyrille Verdeaux “REFLECTIONS” from Rhapsody For The Blue Planet (2002) on Clearlight
06:30PM-06:42PM (12:00) Clear Light Symphony, Cyrille Verdeaux, Tim Blake, Steve Hillage, Didier Malherbe “Infinite Symphony 5th Movement” from Clear Light Symphony (2002) on Clearlight
06:52PM-06:57PM (4:54) Cyrille Verdeaux “Magnify the Love” from Flowers from Heaven (2005) on Clearlight888music