Emails, Web Links and More

Tune In
To listen to the diner, visit the website of Radio Fairfax on Sundays from 10 PM to Midnight EST and click on the LISTEN NOW link.

Contacting Debbie
For requests or other inquiries, please email Debbie Sears. Comments about the Prog Rock Diner can also go to Debbie and/or directly to Radio Fairfax.

Debbie Sears

Band Promos
Bands can send promos (progressive music genre only) to me. Please email me for info:

Promos can be mailed to:
Deb Sears/Prog-Rock Diner
P.O. Box 96,
Superior, AZ 85173

Please note: All promos must fit the 'progressive rock or avant rock' genre and there is no guarantee of airplay.